Car Insurance Companies In South Africa

Not having a car cover in South Africa is really not a good idea, since the accident rates and repair or cars is so high. There are companies out there that will give you an affordable premium, you just have to look. The most famous car insurance companies is:

  • Budget car insurance
  • AA car insurance
  • First For Women car insurance
  • Virgin car insurance
  • Woolworths car insurance
  • Car insurance Direct line

But, there are other companies that might be cheaper.

Third Party, Theft & Fire Car Insurance

What Is Third Party, Theft & Fire Coverage?

It is car insurance that would settle damages to a third party’s vehicle, as well as if your vehicle gets stolen (theft) or there are damages caused by a fire to your car. But, when you get in an accident, it would not pay for damages to your car, just the damages made to the other person (third party).

Third Party Car Insurance

What Is Third Party Car Cover?

Basically, it is protection the first party (you) purchases from the second party (car insurance company) to cover claims from a third party (person to which car you did damage to)!

This is definitely the cheapest type of car cover that a person can buy. But, it is certainly worthwhile when you have damage another person’s auto and needs to settle the repair bills.

Unfortunately, it does not cover the damages to your own auto, you would have to do that yourself. People with older types of cars normally purchase this type of coverage, since their car would not cost as much to repair than a new vehicle.

collectible car


Car Insurance Comparison

How To Compare Car Insurance?

This is simple!!! There are a few easy steps to take and you will get the best car cover for your vehicle. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • Fill out the form, submit and wait to receive different packages and rates by e-mail.
  • Go through the packages benefits, highlight the things you want covered from each package.
  • Go through the rates of each package.
  • Compare the rates and benefits of each package and pick the one with the most benefits for less money.

That is how you make a car insurance comparison to find the package and rate that suits you. But, if you are not happy with the rates or anything else. Contact the broker via e-mail and give them your requirements. They will send you more and more till you have found the right one. Remember, their assistance is free, use them!

Pay More On Hybrid Auto Cover

Do You Pay More For Car Insurance For Hybrid/Electrical Autos?

There is a upside and a downside by owning a hybrid. Upside, you save on fuel and go green to save the earth. Downside, they charge you more on car cover… One major reason for this is:

Alternative-fuel vehicles tend to cost more to repair and replace than conventional vehicles. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from 2009, showed that hybrids were more likely to get into accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians, probably because they’re so much quieter than other cars.

Their are some places people with a hybrid can save, but not in all states.


Although the gas releases of a hybrid is far less than others cars, repairs and car insurance will cost you more. If you are willing to go green and pay little bit more, then you go!

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Comprehensive Car Insurance

What Is A Comprehensive Car Cover?

It is protection that covers basically everything, not only the third party damages, but also the damages you made by mistake to your own auto.

comprehensive car insuranceComprehensive Car Insurance Includes:

  • Tow and storage for your car
  • Damages by an accident
  • Hijacking and theft
  • Injuries to a third party or accidental death
  • Damages made to the third party’s property
  • The accessories

Some covers can help you with entertainment-, medical-, road-, trauma-, home- and legal assistance.



Cheap Car Insurance

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance?

There are different ways to save on car cover, but there are some factors that will increase your coverage like age. This plays a huge role in getting insurance, especially if you are in your early 20’s.

But, this does not mean that you would not get the coverage you deserve.

Get quotes by applying for it on the form. A broker will e-mail you a few premiums from various providers. You will find one place is cheaper than others. If you are not happy with the prices, e-mail your broker back with all your requirements and budget price. Their assistance is free, so you can use them until you are very happy.

It is possible to get cheap car insurance here!!!

News On Car Insurance For Young People

Are You Single And Young? Be Prepared To Pay More On Car Insurance Policies!

A recent report of America shows that young and married person pays less for car cover than an single person in their 20’s. This is because young people are most likely to have an accident or get in one. Read the quote below:

A 20-year-old who is married pays 21% less for a car insurance policy than their single counterpart, according to a new report from

Why? When people are young they tend to be in a hurry all the time, so they speed and like it. Read more below:

Of course, it’s your age that is driving higher rates in the first place. Car insurance is the costliest for young drivers, who are proven to be particularly accident-prone, and gets cheaper with each birthday you celebrate essentially until you retire, finds the report.

Age does matter when it comes to car cover, in all parts of the world…

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Car Insurance South Africa

Do You Need Car Cover In South Africa?

The answer is simple: YES! Everybody here needs some sort of protection for their cars, because of the high rate of accidents, theft and damage from natural encounters like storms or a wild animal crossing the road. There are so many things that can happen to your vehicle, that it is necessary for car insurance in South Africa.

SONY DSCWhere Can You Get Car Insurance South Africa?

You can either apply for quotes on this website or go to any of the top South African rate providers out there, then simly choose one and buy it! After submitting the form, you will receive an e-mail with different premiums from a broker!

Get Car Insurance Quotes Here Today

What Is Quotes For Car Insurance?

It is the monthly premium you will have to pay on the car cover package you choose to cover your vehicle. When a person fails to make this payment the coverage would be cancelled. For as long as you pay your insurance, you would be covered.

How To Get Quotes?

You can get quotes of different packages and companies on this website by filling out the form and submitting it! You will receive up to 5 packages and their rates via e-mail. When interested in one of the quotes, you can contact the broker back and they will handle it from there!